A change of direction for the urban bus


A change of direction for the urban bus

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La Opinión A Coruña

Bus stops at not more than 300 meters away, shorter journeys even if you have to make transfers and a bus lane in some streets to ensure fluidity are the keys that define the new mobility plan that is being finalized by the Local Government and that contemplates that the interurban buses stop as urban ones when entering the city. After three decades with hardly any changes in the network, the neighborhood associations are waiting for the proposal. They ask that they count on them to formulate the new routes. They support the idea of transfers, as long as frequencies are guaranteed and direct lines to hospitals and universities are maintained, and they see in the bus lane a possible ally to improve mobility.


The new mobility plan will begin to be visible from May and June, when the City Council begins its sectoral meetings, that is, when it is presented to the neighbors, but also to the University of Coruña, to the commercial centers and industrial estates . The objective is to explain to young and old ones how urban bus lines will work from 2019 and introduce the contributions that these sectors of the population consider necessary to improve the service.


In the municipal plans this preliminary work is to be done before the end of this year and to implement the new route map with the arrival of 2019, but what is this new mobility plan? The coordinator of the project, Salvador Rueda, of Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, explains that the idea behind this mobility plan is to make the entire city connected by urban bus and no matter from where you want to go to a specific point in the municipality because all the neighborhoods will be connected.


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