Collection of news related to the implementation of Superblocks in Barcelona


Collection of news related to the implementation of Superblocks in Barcelona


Here you can find several links to news that have been published in different media about the implementation of Superblocks in Barcelona. 


Superblocks to the rescue: Barcelona's plan to give streets back to residents (The Guardian - 17/05/2016)


Barcelona is creating massive pedestrian-friendly "superblocks" to combat pollution (Quartz - 18/05/2016)


Urban Superblocks: Barcelona redesign to reclaim streets from cars (Web Urbanist - 18/05/2016)


Barcelona's new superblocks ( - 20/05/2016)


Barcelona wants to turn 60% of its streets into pedestrian-friendly spaces ( - 23/05/2016)


Could Barcelona's Superblock Traffic Solution save American Cities?  ( - 27/05/2016)


Creating superblocks in Barcelona (The City Fix - 02/06/2016)


Barcelona's massive new "superblocks" will ban cars (Tech Insider - 13/06/2016)


Superblocks, Barcelona answer to car-centric city (Cities of the Future - 21/07/2016)


Barcelona's "Superblocks" plan: less cars, more bikes, better social space (Core77 - 05/08/2016)


 Cities without cars ( - 14/09/2016)


 IS Global at the Pilot Superblock (IS Global - 19/09/2016)


Super-islands ( - 20/09/2016)


Barcelona's first Superblock, fighting the power of habit and wavering political will (Cities of the future - 27/09/2016)


 Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars ( - 27/09/2016)


What New York can learn from Barcelona (The New York Times - 30/09/2016)


The laboratory for the superblocks (Ling Magazine - 01/11/2016)


'Superblocks' to redefine Barcelona's streets (Civil Engineering - 01/11/2016)


Barcelona wants to push cars outs and reclaim roads as public space (Motherboard - 02/11/2016)


Barcelona tackles its traffic, pollution with parking policies and superblocks (Cities of the future - 08/11/2016)


How to use the Barcelona superblock concept for community and sustainability (Cities of the future - 11/11/2016)


A breath of fresh air: rise of the superblocks (Thinking Cities - 01/12/2016)


The unstoppable superblock model will transform all Barcelona (OiRealtor - 20/12/2016)


Barcelona's car-taming 'superblocks' meet resistance (Citylab - 20/01/2017)


 Superblocks to the Rescue? (BBC World Hacks - 21/01/2017)


Barcelona's Superblocks are drawing protests from car-loving residents (Co.exist - 24/01/2017)


Spain's plan to create car-free 'superblocks' is facing protests (Business Insider - 24/01/2017)


 Superblocks: Barcelona's war on cars (BBC News - 08/01/2017)


Green Economy: Profiting from wellbeing ( - 01/02/2017)


Report: Superblocks (Barcelona Metropolitan - 01/03/2017)


 Smart Cities 2.0 (Toggle Video - 08/04/2017)


Barcelona and Amsterdam are world-leading "smart cities" according to Jason Pomeroy (Dezeen - 23/06/2017)


How Barcelona is reducing daily car journeys (Cities Today - 03/07/2017)


Barcelona's building blocks for a lively city (Metro Toronto - 04/07/2017)


Barcelona bans cars and boosts tech  (Wall Street Journal - 01/08/2017)


Could Spanish "Superblocks" make Belfast a greener, quieter, nicer place to be? (Slugger O'Toole - 30/08/2017)


 Right of Way: A short film about the next era of transportation (Sustainable Innovations, Ford - 01/12/2017)

Barcelona's experiment with superblocks (Urban Land- 18/12/2017

Cities alive: designing for urban childhoods (Arup - 12/02/2018)


Barcelona Superblocks: how power and politics shape transformational adaptation (Green Inequalities - BCNUEJ - 06/04/2018)


Melbourne takes inspiration from Barcelona as car-free zones proposed (The 5th Estate - 09/04/2018)


Barcelona: the walking city (London Living Streets - 16/04/2018)


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