Final Conference ELE.C.TRA project


Final Conference ELE.C.TRA project


The conference will be realized on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015, at the Museu do Design – MUDE, in Lisboa, Portugal.

The event is co-organized by EXACTO, RCDI and Municipality of Lisboa.

During the Closing conference, the Ele.C.Tra partners will explain benefits achieved and issues tackled within the project's lifetime. In specific:

  • The morning session will be dedicated to the project’s objectives, as well as the outputs derived from the operative phase. Representatives from the Genoa, Florence and Barcelona will analyze the results achieved during the implementation of the Ele.C.Tra. project in these pilot cities.
  • The afternoon session will be focused on the results that have been achieved so far, after the initiation of the experimentation in the non-pilot cities (Lisboa, Skopje, Suceava and Murcia). Supporting stakeholders will also present their experiences with the project.

Local and regional authorities, energy institutes, SMEs related to green vehicles and tourism sector, transport agencies and operators are welcome to join us!

Please find the Conference's Agenda attached.

(*) COn.FREE.NCE = CO and CO2 free Conference, using e-mobility for transports