"In the new hierarchy of distribution of public space the pedestrian must occupy the most prominent place"


"In the new hierarchy of distribution of public space the pedestrian must occupy the most prominent place"

Noticias de Álava

The figure of Salvador Rueda is an essential part in the configuration of the transformation of mobility. It bears his signature, for example, the radical transformation in the lines of Tuvisa, in October of the year 2009. And that is not the only activity done by the Catalan specialist who, with his cabinet of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, undertook the Sustainable Mobility Plan, now subject to revision and updating. His latest contribution has been the presentation of the conclusions of the Arabatran study with the five alternatives offered to give use to the lands of the railway corridor that will be released when, in the year 2023, the tunneling of the rail tracks becomes a reality.


You presented on the 8th the conclusions of the Arabatran study. Have you followed the controversy that has unfolded around mobility?
_ I have not followed much because we are working on the fit of all the pieces and initiatives. Our work is medium and long-term planning and it is not our role to give an answer.


The alternative of connecting Salburua and Zabalgana through a BRT is the one that has been better accepted. Does it have something to do that is the most modest economically?
_ We have done an analysis in which we have put on the table all the necessary variables to make decisions. The final solution is a premature question, from my point of view. I still would not opt for any of them. It would be necessary to analyze the approach of connecting the east with the west of the city and the center with fixed transport infrastructure or without fixed infrastructure. It is not the time yet because the tunneling must be built and we will see how the project is. You have to see how the pieces fit together, but the solutions are not short-term or medium-term.


Vitoria is on the verge of a revolution in mobility with the tunneling, the extensions of the tram and the implantation of the Intelligent Electric Bus (BEI).
_ We are working on all the alternatives to know exactly which are the best ones to develop, understanding that it is a question that works together and everything must be integrated. All the solutions will be analyzed to develop the appropriate information and then carry out the simulations that allow us to propose the best solutions. It is necessary to wait for a little. It is a very delicate subject and with a future projection that deserves to be studied accurately.


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