Salvador Rueda: "Our future depends on how we organize our cities"


Salvador Rueda: "Our future depends on how we organize our cities"

Buenos Aires
Pura Ciudad

The City of Buenos Aires seeks to modify the current Urban Code. There is a draft made by the Council of Urban Environmental Plan of the City that the Legislature of Buenos Aires must approve. Meanwhile, there were debates in the Communes and also lectures by experts. Salvador Rueda, Director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, was invited to speak at the Buenos Aires Government Headquarters of Parque Patricios (Uspallata 3100, Comuna 4).


In front of more than 300 neighbors, academics and specialists, Rueda spoke about "superblocks, the basis of the functional, urban and social model of a city". For the Barcelona official they are one of the solutions to maximize the use of public space. These are urban areas of between 16 and 20 hectares formed by several blocks in which the focus is placed on the pedestrian.


Rueda explained that these are areas in which the outer avenues concentrate the buses, cars and bicycles, while the interiors are freed up by prioritizing pedestrians and bicycles and reducing the speed of traffic to a maximum of 10 km / h: "The superblock is the minimum urban ecosystem where the objectives of a more sustainable city are maximized. By extending the network throughout the city, it minimizes the average travel time. They integrate in the most efficient way the set of transport networks and the green network, guaranteeing the functionality of the system ".
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