The superblock travels from Vitoria and Barcelona to New York


The superblock travels from Vitoria and Barcelona to New York

Vitoria // Barcelona
Conama 2016

The plan of the 'Superblocks' designed for Barcelona has become fashionable a term that defines a new way of organizing the city and consists in reducing motorized traffic to reclaim the public space. Vitoria was the first Spanish city that used this concept, and it has already come to big cities like New York.


Surely by now you may have already heard of the so-called superblocks, supermanzanas (in Spanish) or superilles (in Catalan). And is that this project which the Barcelona City Council has just launched in its streets has given talk among city planners around the world.


Media such as The Guardian or The New York Times have praised this sustainable mobility plan and consider following the example of Barcelona to be applied even in much larger cities, as New York. The project consists in grouping nine blocks to form new urban cells of 400 by 400 meters. Within each superblock, motorized traffic will be reduced to the minimum (residents, ambulances, garbage trucks or loading and unloading vehicles, at specific times) and the speed will be limited to 10 km/h. Thus, priority will be given to bicycles and pedestrians, who will now have new squares and meeting places.


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