Superblocks arrive to Buenos Aires


Superblocks arrive to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Salvador Rueda is Catalan, neither architect nor urban planner, he defines himself as an urban ecologist, a specialty that is almost his invention. Like the ecosystemic urbanism and the surprising superblock, a sort of unification of several conventional blocks with semi-pedestrian streets in the interior. With a degree in biology and psychology, a diploma in environmental engineering and energy management, Rueda is an expert in almost all urban problems.


Since 2005 he visits Buenos Aires giving advice to the authorities to solve those of the city. "I raised the need to take the buses to the most important arteries and get them out of the narrow streets, then the Metrobus arrived. I also told them that they should pedestrianize the microcentro ", he says, adding that his ideas are still halfway in Buenos Aires. "It will be completed when you see some kids playing ball in a downtown street." The Catalan sees his proposal as perfectly possible.


Thirteen years ago he was invited to Buenos Aires and they lodged him in Esmeralda and Paraguay. "It was a horror," he says, today he sees it better and points out the steps that need to be taken. "In the center, you have to increase the number of permanent residents. At night, the area is scary because there are no people living, 80% of the buildings are offices, 20%, housing. A good proportion would be a maximum of 35% of workspace, 30%, better "


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