The superblocks impact in the United States


The superblocks impact in the United States

Metrópoli Abierta

The North-american journal, Vox, has produced a video that supports the superblocks project that has been implemented in Barcelona. In the 5 minute report, they praise the benefits of the model and explain the changes produced in the city of Vitoria, that have restricted access to the center of the city. 


Although the video is from this past September, when it was published together with a report in the web of this media, on April 9th, the head of editing for Vox uploaded the video to his Facebook page and it already has been shared 5.000 times and has more than 400 comments.


salvador Rueda himself, ideologue of the project, recognized to Metrópoli Abierta that the creators of the video had perfectly understood superblocks without contacting the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona.


More information (in Spanish): Metrópoli Abierta