Superblocks for a supercity


Superblocks for a supercity

Interior + Exterior

The superblocks have arrived to Barcelona!


But what is a superblock? A superblock is an urban concept implemented by the City Council of Barcelona to improve the motorized traffic and the life in the city. They are called 'pacified' zones, since not only pedestrians are respected, but also recreational, commercial and/or educational activities are developed. 

This idea of organizing traffic in the city makes it possible to take better advantage of the urban fabric of Barcelona, in favor of pedestrians and housing, and also to recover green areas. If a regular block usually is between 80 and 100 meters of side, the superblocks (superilles in Catalan) are the grouping of several blocks (9) in an area that is protected of the main road traffic. Its interior is prioritized for pedestrians by limiting traffic and parking lots (with speed limits at 10 km/h and 'for residents only'). Of course, load and unload transport is allowed, but at the same time the streets become more welcoming places for alternative transports such as bicycles, skaters or electric skates. 
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