Who told you that you cut no ice*? An essay about the superblock in Barcelona


Who told you that you cut no ice*? An essay about the superblock in Barcelona

Plataforma Arquitectura

The superblock is an urban model proposed by the new Mobility Plan of Barcelona. It consists in a grouping of 9 blocks of the urban fabric, in a system surrounded peripherically by fast roads and public transport networks. In its interior, it presents a character linked to weak circulation (restricted access, bicycle) with a prominent role of pedestrians. This innovating model seeks to reduce the traffic of vehicles and therefore the emissions of CO2, given the fact that currently the air of the city is one of the most polluted in Europe. The system of the new viability and its consequences has been previously explained by Salvador Rueda. 


The four internal crossroads of the superblock (superilla in Catalan), before devoted to traffic, were going to convert themselves into pedestrian spaces. Every one of them would be dedicated to one citizen right (culture, leisure, participation and interchange). In this context, and coinciding with the start-up last September of the first supeblock in the neighborhood of Poblenou, the International University of Catalonia (UIC) commissioned to estonoesunsolar to conduct a workshop to make an intervention in the crossroad dedicated to "culture". In it, students of the different schools of architecture of Barcelona along with a group of teachers made an horizontal combined action.


More information (in Spanish): Plataforma Arquitectura


(* "Cut no ice" in Spanish "no pintar nada" = paint nothing)