Action Plan for Air Quality Improvement in Badalona (2008-2015)

NOx emissions (Kg/year)

The municipality of Badalona belongs to the Special Protection Zone of the atmospheric environment from NO2 and PM10. Since Terrassa is a city with more than 100.000 people and has exceeded pollution levels, a plan must be developed for the compliance with and improvement towards air quality objectives. This work analyzes the air quality of the city via an inventory of emissions from various sources and the summary of air quality data from measurement points and previous campaigns in the municipality.


Private car is the main source of emissions of NOx (66,3%) and PM10 (84,0%). From these emissions, 54% are produced on B-20 and C-31 highways which fall outside of the local government's jurisdiction, and thus the City Council can't act on them.


An Action Plan has been proposed for the Improvement of Air Quality (PAMQA), consisting of 40 actions. Because traffic is the main contributor to air pollution, 70% of the actions are directed towards this sector.


It has been estimated that the implementation of all of these actions will cause a reduction of 14% NOx and 16% PM10 in all emissions within the city compared to 2008.


Plan approved by the plenary of the City Council in June 2014.


Action Plan for Air Quality Improvement in Badalona (2008-2015)







BCNEcologia Team:


Salvador Rueda (Direction)

Francisco Cárdenas (Technical Commission)

David Andrés Argomedo (Technical Commission)

Jordi Abadal

Elisabet López

Edaimon DeJuan

Verónica Villalba


Badalona City Council Team:


Josep Montes (Technical Commission)

Núria Santos


Diputació de Barcelona Team:


Maria Llorens (Comisión técnica)

David Cassabona