Alava Director of Public Transportation Plan

Analysis of daily trips for all modes and motives generated to major urban centers

The bus network in the territory of Alava and its surrounding area of influence has been reformulated to develop the intercity Mobility Plan for the Historical Territory of Alava.

In this project, a detailed analysis of the existing network with the important task of compiling the current information was created. It coordinates a survey of mobility, which simulates travel in the new networks, and assesses the costs and revenues of the proposal. An important aspect is the integration of the new interurban network with the new local public transportation network in Vitoria-Gasteiz, as well as with other networks in other cities and the state. Moreover, it pays special attention to the new technologies in the service of improving the quality of bus service.

The Plan was adapted for the high dispersion of the territory which is an intrinsic complexity.

Alava Director of Public Transportation Plan




Roser Masjuan

Alba Rey

Elisabet Badia

Mercè Taberna

Albert Punsola

UPC team:

Esteve Codina

Provincial Council of Alava team:

Luis Zarrabeitia

Javier de Andrés

Emilio de Francisco

Pedro José García

Unai Grajales

Ane Miren Arrieta

Ángel Martínez de Antoñana