BLUENE - Blue Energy for Mediterranean Europe

The blue energy includes wind power generation to the sea.

The "blue energy" includes offshore wind power generation, and other renewable energy technologies within the sea (levees, wave energy devices, thermal energy conversion), which are still in an early stage of development.

BLUENE project objectives are: to locate the main actors able to start any intervention plan MED; locate existing initiatives related to blue growth and define guidelines for the next program period.

The project involves four partners from Italy, Spain, Croatia and Greece that act at MED, including other strategic partners throughout Europe on the committee scientist. The nature of the project is twofold: scientific terms of location and activities aimed at creating policies regarding the main points for the future and their interaction with other programs.

The expected results of the project are: a complete knowledge of the state of affairs in the field in question, MED and local level; individualization of the pillars and basic resources to build effective plans of action in the next program period and the definition of precise ways to build sustainable cooperation actions in the coming years.

BLUENE - Blue Energy for Mediterranean Europe