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European Union approved the funding for Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport) project in the framework of the European Program for Intelligent Energy (CIP-IEE 2012). A total of 1.266.186€ will be allocated to Ele.C.Tra from 2013 to 2015.


BCNecologia, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, participates as a partner in the Ele.C.Tra project which aims to promote the use of electric scooters in urban areas, involving citizens and tourists in daily use of green means of transport to modernize urban vehicles. This will be done through scooter short sharing systems. The BCNecologia funding amounts at about 150.000€ which will be used both to increase the electric mobility awareness among public bodies, companies and local stakeholders (associations, universities, firms..) and to favour the sustainable development of this sector.


Ele.C.Tra project involves 11 partners representing 8 countries in the European Union (Italy, Romania, Spain, Malta, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Portugal) and includes a pilot experimentation in three cities (Genova, Firenze and Barcelona) where the use of scooters is very common, while the rest cities will undertake all preparatory activities to host such a system in the future. The pilot actions will transfer good practices to at least 5 other cities in order to involve a huge number of European citizens.


The project officially started with the kick-off meeting which took place in Genoa at the Berio library on the 22nd and 23rd July.


All the information about the project on www.electaproject.eu.

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Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport)




BCNecologia Team:

Salvador Rueda (Direction)

Francisco Cárdenas

Joan Palou

Jordi Abadal

Mercedes Vidal

Moisès Morató

Manuela Sanfelix

Norma Rey

Jordi Amat

Laura Rodríguez