Mobility Plan and Public Space for Lugo

Basic network proposals and interior streets for Circuñación

The Plan of mobility and public space projects as a model for Lugo, which improves the quality of life for its citizens. This also move the city towards sustainability by improving the functionality and organization of the urban systems.

The Plan begins with an assessment of the current state of mobility and livability in the public space of Lugo, and then analyzes the different scenarios taking into account the future prospects of the city and establishing a model of sustainable urban mobility to make the public space more livable. Finally, we defined a new mobility network configuration evaluated that require a lower consumption of resources and energy.

Proposals based on reorganization into superblocks, enables the use of transportation networks. It was also proposed a new network of buses, bicycles and pedestrians, thus resulted in greater operational efficiencies, strengthening the means of transport alternatives to private vehicles. Also increased accessibility in public spaces, improving the balance in the urban morphology and system stress, for example, the population coverage of bus stops in the public transport network isotropiza territory, and cycling infrastructure now covers a the majority of the population. This ensures that the city is less noisy with lower pollution , improving both the quality and quantity of public space for citizens.

Proposals based on reorganization into superblocks, enables the use of transportation networks.

Mobility Plan and Public Space for Lugo





Adrià Ortiz

Meritxell Batalla

Joao Caxias

Jordina Guillamet

Judit Monlleo

Anabel Rubio

Marta Sas

Ana Ybran