Regional Plan for the Prevention of Waste in Pallars Sobirà (2012-2020)

Community composting

The Regional Plan for the Prevention of Municipal Waste in Pallars Sobirà 2011-2012 has been developed with the objective of promoting the reduction of the generation of waste in the region, involving all relative agents (citizenship, shops, tourism sector, municipalities, institutions, associations and administrations).

Initially is had developed a comprehensive diagnosis that aims to define the strategic lines in order to inegrate them into the plan and its developement.  The following parameters have been studied in the diagnosis:

  • Competency guidelines of the Regional Coucil.
  • Socio-demographic characteristics of the region. Relevance of the tourism sector.
  • Geographical features of the region.
  • Waste management model.
  • Results and expectations of the management of waste in the region.
  • Survey the population on environmental knowledge and habits towards the prevention and management of waste in general .
  • Survey the hotel and catering industry on strategies towards waste prevention.
  • Study of large waste materials in waste collection points.

Once the diagnosis is validated by the Regional Council, they determine the possible actions that could be included in the Prevention Plan, and then they chose the most appropriate and a tab is developed for each of them, with the concrete actions to develop, relative agents, cost/benefit, indicators of outcome and follow-up, etc.

It also includes a follow-up plan  and a scheduling and prioritization of actions for development during the upcoming years.

A plan with the objective of promoting the reduction of waste creation in the region has been developed, involving all relative agents and stakeholders.

Regional Plan for the Prevention of Waste in Pallars Sobirà (2012-2020)