urban empathy: empowering policies on urban sustainability

The Urban Empathy project, led by Malaga City Council, and partnered by BCNecologia, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, is funded by FEDER through the MED Programme with a budget of 1.225.000 euros. The project also involves cities and public institutions from Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina.


By approving the Urban Empathy, The MED Programme has given a new sign of support and reinforcement to the policies and actions in the field of urban sustainability. The Urban Empathy project consists in the consolidation of a permanent structure bringing together projects, policy makers and stakeholders to share accomplishments and concrete results in the urban sector. The project aims to improve the efficiency of sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean.


One of the main focuses of the Urban Empathy project will be to transform existing results from the pre-selected MED projects and key European programmes into effective policies and actions related to Sustainable Urban Models (SUM). The results will be evaluated through a set of transferability criteria and cross checked to ensure that they comply with the SUM shared by the partners. In parallel, a structured dialogue process will be established with key decision makers to try and identify key barriers to the implementation of sustainable urban policies in the EU.


More information about the Urban Empathy project on the CAT- MED Platform website: www.catmed.eu


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urban empathy: empowering policies on urban sustainability




BCNecologia Team:

Salvador Rueda (Direction)

Francisco Cárdenas

Mercedes Vidal