According to Article 5 of the Statute, the aims of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona are as follows:


5.1 To diagnose, consult and implement projects related to urban planning, management, implementation and monitoring of projects, research, education, training and promotion. In addition, to disseminate the functions of urban systems in the process towards sustainability in the information age.

5.2 To develop these activities in order to address the two major challenges that cities are facing in this new century: sustainability and entry into the new era of information, and to develop models that lead to the sustainable and knowledgeable city.

5.3 To formulate concepts, instruments and methodologies for technical, economical, legal and informational purposes, to help restructure the cities and their surrounding areas in terms of the sustainable and knowledgeable city. In this regard, the Agency shall include Urban Ecology as a discipline for analysis and urban planning, and shall develop models, indicators, and tools for sustainable cities, as well as tools for diagnosing and monitoring urban management models.

5.4 To promote applied research and technological development in the workplace that will enable the Agency to determine certain patterns of urban systems. This will help increase the Agency's ability to anticipate any uncertainties surrounding the projects because of the current impacts seen and the function of planned urban settlements. The urban, environmental, economic and social aspects will form the heart of the investigation..

5.5 To contribute to the improvement and modernization of the public administration, and to promote the competitiveness of the business. Through the development, generation and support of technology, in particular through technologies and services that respond to an existing, unmet, demand, the Agency will contribute to the diffusion and transfer of technology and information.

5.6 To promote cooperation in the transfer of Research and Development between research centres and other institutions.

5.7 To promote partnerships with university initiatives, private businesses and administrations, for the development of urban settlements in terms of sustainability and improved quality of life. In addition, to promote cooperation and commitments between them.

5.8 To promote actions to conduct the development of urban development strategies based more on information and knowledge, and less on resource consumption. 

5.9 To collaborate in the development of sustainability among the Network of Towns and Cities which drives the Barcelona Provincial Council.

05.10 To support and assist the municipalities and districts of Barcelona specifically in the forms of planning and sustainable development in areas related to geographical, regional and socioeconomic growth.

05.11 To propose and draft management plans and programs, especially those related to environmental issues.

05.12 To promote the exchange of ideas on the operation of different models of urban management by conducting training programs, educational and environmental campaigns, publications, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

05.13 To encourage and promote information regarding resource consumption and social cohesiveness among the municipalities within the scope of the consortium. To promote the model of the Mediterranean City, compact and diverse, which bases its competitive strategy on information, knowledge and quality, and is regarded as one of the most sustainable city models. To project the model municipally, nationally, and internationally.

05.14 To be a centre of advice and mediation in all aspects related to the function of the city, including environmental, economic and social development. It is intended to be an entity that encourages participation and dialogue between urban actors in related processes, among others, in accordance with Barcelona Agenda 21.

05.15 To be a European reference centre at the national and international level for the development of ideas outlined in section 5.1. To provide information about the urban system and to exchange project ideas related to the transformation of the city. In this regard, the Agency will be able to support the work of the unique Spanish organization "Network of Networks for the Development of Local Sustainability". This network is dedicated to sharing their sustainable experiences with cities in the European network, especially those that promote themselves within the towns and cities in Catalonia.

05.16 To develop projects pertaining to cooperation and codevelopment, and to drive the processes towards global sustainability.

05.17 To evenly distribute the work and research among all those that fall within the purposes of the Consortium.


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