Gemma Nohales

Fichas personal

Gemma Nohales

Technical Coordinator

Project Coordinator for Waste and the Materials Cycle


Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, University of Barcelona, 2003.

Complementary Education:

Course in Environmental Impact Assessment, IMF, 2007.

Postgraduate in the analysis of social and environmental intervention od the UB-UAB, 2004-2005.

Postgraduate in environmental management in business and public administration environments of the UB-UAB, 2004-2005.

Strategic management of the environment, Engineering Environmental Advisors, 2003.

Skills and Experience:

Expert in Waste Management (prevention, collection and treatment), in design of collection systems and development of technical specifications, economic studies, strategic planning and evaluation (plans and programs for waste management on both local and regional scales).

Experience in simulation models for waste management Experience in the creation and validation of software simulations, (SIMUR), in education and communication, Geographic Information Systems: Geomedia and TransCAD and ACV software: Simapro.


Member of the Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia.