Joan Palou

Fichas personal

Joan Palou

Technical Coordinator

Project Coordinator for Urbanism and Mobility


Civil Engineer: Roads, Canals and Ports. Superior Technical School of Civil Engineering, UPC, 2001 (2005). Major in Transportation and Numerical Analysis.

Complementary Education:

Masters degree in Transportation and Numerical Analysis, Chalmers University, Goteborg, Sweden (Erasmus), 2000-2001.

Course 'Getram/Aimsun Training Course', TSS, 2002.

Course 'Bridges', MCRIT, 2002.

Course 'Emme2', TSS-UPC, 2003.

Course 'Traffic Management', UPC (ETS Industrial Engineers), 2005.

Course 'TCQ', ITEC, 2008.

Course 'GeoMedia 6.1', Intergraph, 2009.

Course 'Training in Transport Modelling in TransCAD platform', ALG, 2010.

Skills and Experience:

Expert in traffic and mobility.

Experience in logistics and simulation models: TRANSCAD, EMME2 AIMSUN, GEOMEDIA TRANSPORTATION, BRIDGES.

Specific knowledge of GeoMedia and ArcView (GIS), AutoCAD, TCQ2000 (budgets), FORTRAN (programming), C and TRANSYS (numerical), MatLab, Office (including ACCESS).

Logistical calculations (design of routes, optimal location of plants, etc.).

Energy calculations, noise and air pollution.