Montse Aulinas

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Montse Aulinas

Waste and Material Cycle Area Coordinator

Specialist in:

Research and project management in the field of the environment, development and coordination of projects in the field of the third social sector. Experience in waste management (municipal area), sewage and environmental education both in formal and informal. Other areas of interest are the development and implementation of European / international network projects, the circular economy, cooperation projects and sustainability, and the transfer of knowledge and communication.



2009. Doctor of Environmental Sciences for the UdG. Doctoral thesis: Management of industrial wastewater discharges in river basins through agents' argumentation.
2006. Master's Degree in Environmental Risks Assessment and Prevention in the Central American environment, within the European Alfa UAB-UdG program. Master's Dissertation: Analysis of the flow of matter in the Mercado Alfredo Lazo, Estelí (Nicaragua). Proposals for the agronomic valorization of the organic waste fraction.
2002. Degree in Environmental Sciences from the UdG.
Project management and implementation, oral and written communication, data collection and analysis, fieldwork and research, individual and team work, flexibility and adaptability.

Catalan (C1), Spanish, English (B2 i Advanced Certificate), French (B2), and German (B2).